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29 Apr 2017

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 259 ~ Flies are Us!

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 259 ~ Flies are Us

பொழிந்தினிது நாறினும் பூமிசைதல் செல்லாது 
இழிந்தவை காமுறும் ஈப்போல் - இழிந்தவை 
தாம்கலந்த நெஞ்சினார்க்கு என்னாகும் தக்கார்வாய்த் 
தேன்கலந்த தேற்றச்சொல் தேர்வு.

Pozhinhdhinidhu nhARinum poomisaidhal sellAdhu
Izhindhavai kAmuRum eeppOl - izhindhavai
ThAmkalanhdha nhenjinARkku yennAgum thakkArvAith
ThEnkalanhdha thEtRachchol thErvu.

Though the flower holds delicious honey and spreads its fragrance all around, a fly will leave it and eagerly go to where the filth is. Similarly, for those with a tainted or corrupt mind, even the choicest counsel, filled with wonderful insights that provide clarity in life, offered by the wise ones or realised Masters, is of no use.

For a fly that’s stuck with filth - in thought and action - the value of a beautiful, fragrant flower with honey is of no interest or use. Even if someone explains in detail about the flower’s value, the fly won’t change its preference (for the filth). But for the bees, which fly around busily, looking for honey, no one needs to explain the value of the flowers.

People who are totally stuck in materialistic survival are like that fly. The spiritual insights and methods for attaining liberation offered by Realised Masters / Gurus won’t change them in any way. Because, in their mind, things like wealth, success, status, fame of the material life are the most valuable.

Seekers who are traversing the spiritual path are like the bees. They are seeking ways and means to realise the Truth, i.e. attain self-realisation or enlightenment, so it’s not necessary to explain to them the value or importance of a Guru.

Note: That's why, even though Mrs Swamy keeps worrying about those who are not even interested in tasting the nectar of spirituality, Swamy never speaks about spirituality to anyone, on his own.


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