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16 Apr 2017

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ 135 - What to Learn!

NhAladiyAr ~ 400 verses.. 4 stanzas each..

Thirukkural (1330 verses.. 2 stanzas each) is so well-known that it overshadowed pretty much all the other tomes of equal value. One such, belonging to the same category of ancient Tamil literature of PadhineN KEezhkkaNakku (anthology or logical group of 18 books) group of tomes (பதினெண் கீழ்க்கணக்கு நூல்கள்) is NhAladiyAr (நாலடியார்).

A collection of 400 verses (by various anonymous Poets - considered to be Jain saints), of just 4 stanzas each, it's known for its enchanting use of similes to convey a pertinent point. The 400 verses are grouped under 3 headings (similar to Thirukkural) & 40 subheadings, comprising of 10 verses each.

Long term Swamy readers may recall the “2000 Years Old Tweets” or #2KYOT in digital-natives-lingo Nano blog series in, which is on pause for the time being.
Who knows, it may suddenly spring back to life, when some madman like a 3-term CM, who did absolutely nothing to solve a chronic pain that his state still suffers from, during his (& his son's) term, goats about a farcical win in the parliamentary by-election, in which 93% voters Did Not vote & he still got elected with a mere 3% of total votes, and will shamelessly enjoy the free perks of being a member of the Parliament (ah.. the bitter sweetness of the world's largest democracy)!

On the occasion of yet another nondescript day tomorrow (don't even think about it…), Swamy is launching the random Nano blog series that's aimed at bringing such classical treasures to the notice of the intensely competitive insanely fast world that we inhabit today, offering (hopefully.. sincerely) a semblance of sanity, with the ancient lights that can still shine their wisdom light, to shoo away the ignorance darkness that surrounds us like an AR (or is it still VR!) goggle (or ‘IT’, if you're a - strictly Hollywood only - movie fan like Swamy)!


நாலடியார் 135 (பொருட்பால் ~ கல்வி)

NAladiyAr verse 135 (Material Life ~ Education)

கல்வி கரையில கற்பவர் நாள்சில
மெல்ல நினைக்கின் பிணிபல - தெள்ளிதின்
ஆராய்ந்து அமைவுடைய கற்பவே நீரொழியப்
பாலுண் குருகின் தெரிந்து.


The number of things to be known / learned is innumerable. But the lifetime (to learn them all) is limited / short.

If one ponders / contemplates quietly, even in the limited lifetime, there are many illnesses / diseases that one could be afflicted with (which reduces the available lifetime further).

So, just as a swan would isolate & consume only the milk from a mixture of milk & water, the smart / wise learners (seekers) will choose & learn only those tomes (scriptures) that will aid their quest for a better / more purposeful Life (attain self-realisation / liberation / mukthi).


கற்கக்கூடிய (அ) அறியக்கூடிய விஷயங்கள் கணக்கற்றவை. ஆனால், கற்பவருடைய வாழ்நாள் குறைவானது (அத்தனையும் கற்கப் போதுமானது அல்ல).

சற்றே நிதானமாகச் சிந்தித்தால், அந்தக் குறுகிய வாழும் காலத்தில்கூட, பலவிதமான பிணிகள் (நோய்கள்) வரக்கூடும் (அதனால் வாழ்நாள் இன்னமும் குறுகக்கூடும்).

ஆகையால், இருக்கக்கூடிய எல்லா நூல்களையும் கற்க முயற்சி செய்யாமல், இந்த (குறுகிய) வாழ்நாளுக்குள் தாம் மேன்மையடைய (பெருவீடு பெற / ஞானோதயம் அடைய) எத்தகைய நூல்கள் பயன்படும் என்று தெளிவாக ஆராய்ந்து, நீரிலிருந்து பாலைமட்டும் பிரித்து அருந்தும் அன்னப்பறவை போல, அத்தகைய நூல்களை மட்டுமே அறிவுடையவர்கள் கற்பார்கள்.


Hmmm... It's hard for a book lover (Swamy inclusive) to digest the Truth of verse 135 that's as transparent as glacial meltwater (howzatt for a simile, eh). But since it's undisputed Truth, which remains relevant after millennia, at least Think about it, the next time you pay for a bunch of books, irrespective of whether it's at a beloved (but now defunct) bookstore like Landmark or the ubiquitous Amazon!


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