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24 Apr 2017

Avvai KuRaL 152 ~ Theory vs Practice!

Avvai KuRaL 152 ~ Theory vs Practice!

Let's start the Avvai KuRaL series with a counterintuitive KuRaL.

வாக்கும் கருத்தும் மயங்கும் சமயங்கள்
ஆக்கிய நூலினும் இல்.

vAkkum karuththum mayangum samayangaL
Akkiya nhoolinum il.

Wonderful religious discourses, the deeper insights offered during such discourses and the holy books or scriptures of a(ny) religion cannot offer liberation (mukthi).

Most humans belong to one religion or another, from the time of their birth (not much of a choice there). Some even switch to a different religion in between. All religions have holy books or scriptures. Wise / holy persons who are well-versed in those tomes in each religion, will offer discourses or sermons on the content of those books or scriptures, covering diverse topics such as liberation, ethics and values, devotion, etc. Based on their knowledge and experience, they may even offer additional interpretations of those ancient tomes. But however good those books or discourses or their explanations are, none of them can actually offer liberation itself.

Self-realisation or realising the Truth of Life is not only a possibility for every human being, it’s also an intensely personal inner experience. Holy books or scriptures and the discourses based on them may at best offer methods or techniques for the realisation or enlightenment in theory but not the experience itself, which is a practical, and deeply personal, experience. That’s why Spirituality is distinct from Religion as the seeking and the ultimate realisation is possible for any human being, irrespective of the religion they belong to or even if they don’t belong to any religion (agnostic).

* Avvai KuRaL is a new Nano series of bite-sized bloggets, umm.. blog+nuggets, by Swamy, exploring the spiritual treatise written by the venerable tamil poetess AvvaiyAr, in the astounding KuRaL poetry format.

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