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27 Apr 2017

Avvai KuRaL 203 ~ Guru & ShivA

Avvai KuRaL 203 ~ Guru & ShivA

குருவின் அடிபணிந்து கூடுவது அல்லார்க்கு
அருவமாய் நிற்கும் சிவம்.

Guruvin adipaNindhu kooduvadhu allARkku
AruvamAi nhiRkum Shivam.

Without surrendering to a Guru and remaining connected with him/er in some way, it's not possible to experience the divine.

In the culture of Bharat, i.e. SanAthana DharmA, which emphasises that Mukthi or liberation is the true purpose of life, the Gurus who offer ways and methods to attain liberation have always been given an exalted position in the society. Even in the present era, when people madly chase victory in everything, there is no change in a Guru’s importance.

The reason for that is, Gurus know the ways and means for liberation, through direct experience inward, known as Self-Realisation or Enlightenment. Those who've attained Self-Realisation are celebrated as Realised Beings & Masters in this ancient culture.

Such realised beings & Masters know that ShivA or the omnipresent divine or Parabrahmam isn't in the deities worshipped in temples but resides as a living reality within each and every piece of creation, experientially. The saying “GuruvEy Shivam,” i.e. Guru is ShivA, also emphasises the revered state of the enlightened beings.

Since they're aware that the blissful experience of self-realisation is a possibility for every human being, they offer the methods and techniques to others. So, without getting the Grace of such a Realised Master and without following / practicing the methods offered by such a Guru, God or Divine will remain an invisible idea or concept.

However many holy places or places of worship they go to worship the divine, however many sermons and discourses they listen to about the divine, without the guidance of a Guru, it's not possible for them to realise the divinity within oneself and remain immersed in the state of eternal bliss.
Note: All religious heads are not necessarily realised beings or Masters. That's why, Spirituality is beyond the confines of religion. That's also why, anyone belonging to any religion can follow the methods offered by any Guru, i.e. Self-realised / Enlightened Master.

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