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6 Oct 2015

2KYOT C73 Communicating without fear K723

Two things are prevalent in the evolution of humans from time immemorial - war and being tongue tied.

At a macro level, we still see many nations - powerful or not - pumping so much money into building or buying weapons and going to war - within their own country or elsewhere. Wars just don't cease, despite the heightened awareness of atrocieties associated with them due to the omnipresence of information in digital space, including but not limited to causing the death of scores of our own - supposedly evolved species.

At a micro level, many human beings, who voraciously consume all such information - including war - thru a variety of media, are left tongue tied, when it comes to speaking and expressing themselves, in front of a group of their own species. Many wonderful ideas, invigorating thoughts, opposite points-of-view remain locked inside the head of people who are scared to death (pun intended) to communicate them to others. That's one of the prime reasons for many netizens sticking to just liking & forwarding posts than commenting or publishing their own.

723 பகையகத்துச் சாவார் எளியர் அரியர்
அவையகத்து அஞ்சா தவர்.

Many die in the war. Few dare to speak confidently in a group (or in public).

2000 years ago, Valluvar beautifully beaded the two seemingly disconnected things - apparent fearless death of people in war & obvious fear of people about public speaking - together.

Which one is easier? Isn't addressing a group of fellow humans or expressing yourself in public far easier than fighting a bloody war!

Note: This post is part of Swamy's blog series on the epic book of Tamil poetry Thirukkural, thought to be written over 2000 years ago by the poet ThiruValluvar, in an enchanting Tweet long couplet format, which is amazingly relevant even in the digital space of today!

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