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27 Oct 2015

2KYOT C46 Avoiding Wrong Company K452

The top news items that are all over the media are both about return to motherland of two entirely different citizens for entirely different reasons.

Geeta's return is all about good - not just of Bharat's 'people's choice' government but also of our love-to-hate neighbouring nation's willingness & (rare) cooperation to make her return to motherland happen. 
Rajan's (pending due to formalities) return is all about India's 'decisive' government's quest against all kinds of evil - especially black money kind - and bring the perpetrators of crime under the ambit of the law that (supposedly) applies to all citizens.

Wonder how both stories are connected in more ways than one? As ever, Valluvar has the answer for this citizen conundrum too!

452 நிலத்தியல்பால் நீர்திரிந் தற்றாகும் மாந்தற்க்(கு) 
இனத்தியல்ப தாகும் அறிவு.

Flowing water 💦 will imbibe the land's attributes. Similarly, humans will imbibe the attributes of the group they being to!

Life isn't isn't just about who you are, but also about what company you keep!

Note: This post is part of Swamy's blog series on the epic book of Tamil poetry Thirukkural, thought to be written over 2000 years ago by the poet ThiruValluvar, in an enchanting Tweet long couplet format, which is amazingly relevant even in the digital space of today!

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