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13 Oct 2015

2KYOT C55 - Good Governance - K549

The recent spate of incidents highlighting intolerance of one segment of people towards another, both citizens of the same nation, is a challenge many countries struggle to tackle. Racial hatred and protests continue in the US, long after Lincoln abolished slavery, despite having proudly elected someone from the once-enslaved community as President of the country, not once but twice. Religious hatred and violence prevails in many countries, resulting in preventable loss of human lives and stalling constructive progress necessary to uplift quality of Life.

With the elite intelligentsia returning their government given awards, protesting lack of decisive action from the government/s, media too has raised its already high-decibel pitch a few octaves higher. Here's a tip to the beleaguered government from Thiruvalluvar on its responsibility to act decisively.

549 குடிபுறங் காத்தோம்பிக் குற்றம் கடிதல்
வடுவன்று வேந்தன் தொழில்.

Protecting citizens from violence and punishing perpetrators of violence, without bothering about criticism, is the ruler's responsibility.

President Mukherjee's call against intolerance, Prime Minister Modi's endorsement of & emphasis to follow the same and Maharashtra CM Fadnavis' decisive action to provide protection for the book launch of former foreign minster of a not-so friendly neighbour nation are all steps in the right direction. All governments - including the central - should be as decisive in ensuring safety for freedom of expression and preventing any attempt by anyone to suppress it. 

Note: This post is part of Swamy's blog series on the epic book of Tamil poetry Thirukkural, thought to be written over 2000 years ago by the poet ThiruValluvar, in an enchanting Tweet long couplet format, which is amazingly relevant even in the digital space of today!

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