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8 Oct 2015

2KYOT C12 Objectivity K119

Talvar has stirred the collective imagination of a nation about the subjectivity of law enforcement agencies and everyone who is someone - including those who haven't even seen the movie yet - is expressing their shock & dismay at how the system simply failed to offer justice to the parents - both educated professionals belonging to the higher strata of society - who stand accused of killing their child. Of course, it's the same bunch of gossip gluttons that has indulged in devouring the media's nine course spicy subjective meal on another filicide, served 24x7, only a few weeks ago.

To understand the irony of our contradictory existence, we need to look at what Valluvar told about objectivity over 2 millennia ago.

119 சொற்கோட்டம் இல்லது செப்பம் ஒருதலையா 
உட்கோட்டம் இன்மை பெறின்.

When your mind isn't subjective, your words (& deeds) too won't be (subjective).

Unlike the industrial age supervisors & knowledge era managers who suddenly wake up from their subjective waking slumber and instinctively switch the objectivity light on, to play the practiced role of dispeller of darkness during the evil annual rituals called appraisal & promotion, when nice things like hope & motivation (of their minion subordinates) usually run away scared, the rest of humanity apparently learned to live comfortably in the subjective darkness, forever.

Pretty much every member of this hilarious species that appears to be devolving now, after evolving over millions of years from apes (who thankfully stopped evolving & continue to live happily with one less sense), shamelessly remain staunchly subjective in pretty much every single action concerning their own success, growth, wealth & popularity, but wax eloquent about the need to remain objective, in whatever one says or does, without batting an eyelid. Thanks to #Thiruvalluvar, we know why!


Note: This post (Kural #119, Chapter 12) is part of Swamy's blog series on the epic book of Tamil poetry Thirukkural, thought to be written over 2000 years ago by the poet ThiruValluvar, in an enchanting Tweet long couplet format, which is amazingly relevant even in the digital space of today!
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