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5 May 2017

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 193 ~ Bird in Hand vs Bush

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 193

Bird in Hand vs Bush

உறுபுலி யூனிரை யின்றி யொருநாள்
சிறுதேரை பற்றியும் தின்னும் - அறிவினால்
கால்தொழில் என்று கருதற்க கையினால்
மேய்தொழில் ஆங்கே மிகும்.

uRupuli yoonirai yindRi yorunAL
siRuthErai patRiyum thinnum - aRivinAl
kAlthozhil endRu karudhaRka kaiyinAl
mEithozhil AngEy migum.

When the preferred type of meat (animal) isn’t available, a hungry tiger, though mighty, will catch and eat a frog. Similarly, when someone gets an opportunity, instead of disrespecting it as if it’s something one can do with the foot, if one sincerely puts effort into the available opportunity, utilising the knowledge gained before, and performs well, some other opportunity, which one may consider as worthy of doing with hands, may happen soon.

Many in the IT services industry - especially those with long term work experience - are suddenly finding themselves being fired or eased out of their position, and are struggling to figure out what to do next. Due to the prevailing political and economical climate, all over the world, getting another similar opportunity immediately will remain a pipe dream for most of them.

So, not unlike the hungry tiger, they should grab any opportunity that comes their way, where they can apply their vast - & hopefully wise - experience, without looking down upon it. If they focus wholeheartedly in doing their best in any available opportunity, they may get a better opportunity soon, through the current opportunity itself.

Instead, if they remain immersed in the past glory of their now non-existent position and keep waiting for something similar, brushing aside other available opportunities as unworthy, then they will become the new examples for the proverb, “A bird in hand is worth two in the bush!”

~Swamy | @PrakashSwamy

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