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19 May 2017

Avvai KuRaL 49 ~ Breathe from Living to Life!

Avvai KuRaL 49 ~ Breathe from Living to Life!

வாயு வழக்கம் அறிந்து செறிந்தடங்கில்
ஆயுட் பெருக்கம் உண்டாம்.

vAyu vazhakkam aRindhu seRindhadangil
Ayut perukkam undAm.

By knowing how to properly inhale, contain and release (exhale) breath and by practising it diligently, one’s lifetime can be extended.

When we hear that one’s lifetime or how long one lives is predetermined, it is neither blind belief nor ignorance. The number of breaths for each and every piece of creation has been determined equally, without any bias or inequality, by the creator. The length of one’s lifetime - including humans - depends on how a particular creature breathes.

Dogs live for about 12-14 years. Humans, who adore and keep dogs as pets (or pelt them with stones) can live for over a hundred years (the typical human lifespan at present is only about 60-70 years). It’s scientifically proven that certain types of tortoises (there’s one in Galapagos islands) live for hundreds of years. Few ocean based species and trees live for thousands of years. The difference between all these species is not in their appearance, food or habitation. But how they breathe - rapidly (dogs), fast - always in a hurry (humans), deliberately (tortoise) or in a very limited quantity (ocean creatures & trees) - determines the difference in their lifespan.

In the ancient culture of BhArat, the science of living had been researched in depth; methods to extend one's lifespan have been invented and formal techniques were devised (and offered to all by AchAryAs or expert teachers who themselves have practised these techniques for years). GnAnis (enlightened beings) have realised breath as PrANavAyu (life giving air / wind) and termed the technique to inhale (pUrakam), contain / hold (kumbhakam) and exhale (rEychakam) breath as PrANAyAmA (the scientific method of breathing). Those who practice PrANAyAmA techniques diligently (and follow healthy habits - of body & mind) can actually extend their life span.

It’s a fact that accomplished yOgis like Agasthya Muni and Pathanjali Maharishi, who knew the nuances of the PrANAyAmA science and its life connect, have actually lived for several hundreds of years. The difference between meditators who live a longer, healthier life by talking less and spending more time in silence, following their spiritual practices diligently and the emotionally charged ones who expend their energy by yakking all the time, and live suffering from high blood pressure and heart ailments, is how they handle the life force of prANA. In fact, without knowing anything about the refined techniques like PrANAyAmA that are inward focused to extend one’s life span, the various attempts like nips and tucks using plastic surgery and drugs that the celebrities rely on to keep the external physical form young is nothing short of hilarious.

P.S: The 112 methods offered by AdiyOgi ShivA to DEvi Shakthi for self-realization / enlightenment (VigyAn Bhairava TantrA) include prANA related techniques.

~Swamy | @PrakashSwamy 

AvvaikuRaL is Swamy's new nano blog series, interpreting the spiritual treatise by AvvaiyAr, in the magnificent KuRal poetry form (popularly known from ThirukkuRaL by ThiruvaLLuvar) .

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