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21 Aug 2017

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 258 ~ Why Trump won't change!

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 258 ~ Why Trump won't change!

பாலால் கழீஇப் பலநாள் உணக்கினும்
வாலிதாம் பக்கம் இருந்தைக்கு இருந்தன்று
கோலால் கடாஅய்க் குறினும் புகல்ஒல்லா
நோலா வுடம்பிற்கு அறிவு. 

Paalaal kazheeip palanhaaL uNakkinum
vaalidhaam pakkam irundhaikku irundhanRu
kOlaal kadaaaik kuRinum pugalollaa
nhOlaa vudambiRku aRivu.

Even if it's washed with white coloured milk and then dried for many days, the dark coloured charcoal won't become white. Similarly, those who have neither learned the right things nor performed any worthy good deeds in life, won't heed to any kind of learned / valuable advice, even if it's offered to them by making a hole in their ears, i.e. forcibly.

The USA is considered the world's strongest superpower. It's President, Donald Trump, says something controversial pretty much everyday and has become the most notoriously popular clown. No one can control him until now. Even though everyone mocks his meaningless ramblings, since the presidency is so powerful, the world leaders and people remain frightened that he'll eventually do something so stupid that it will result in global destruction. NhAladiyAr verse 258 explains eloquently why such morons cannot be changed.

However many days it's washed with white milk and dried, the dark coloured charcoal won't turn white. People like Trump, who don't have inspiring ideals or elevating thoughts are like that charcoal. He is simply not the right person for such a powerful position. Even though those closer to him, such as Major Kelly, try hard, at times even forcibly (like when he forced the ridiculous Communications Director and dangerous Chief Strategist out) to seed good thoughts or trigger useful ideas, since he has neither learned the right things nor performed righteous deeds in life and continues to surround himself with only a coterie of yes-ministers instead of wiser ones, the speech and actions of those like Trump simply won't change. Because, Change has to happen from within oneself and there is no opportunity for that in this hopeless case. So, the only way out is for the people, who elected him as President, and those in the Government, to realise that they have committed a grave mistake by electing someone utterly unsuitable like him for a higher office they simply don't deserve to occupy (and obviously not qualified for) and either impeach him or force his ouster by legal means. That's when the world can remain in peace.

~Swamy | @PrakashSwamy

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