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5 Jun 2017

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 91 ~ Tatkal for Heaven

NhAladiyAr 400 ~ Verse 91 ~ Tatkal for Heaven

Even if one isn't very wealthy, just like the time when one had enough wealth, if one is joyful (or at least pleased) at seeing needy people and offer whatever little help one can, such benevolence will get them a Tatkal ticket for entry into heaven, i.e. heaven's doors will remain open for them.

Our wealth may not grow all the time. Even those who have earned a lot of wealth through dubious means, may be forced to lose most of it through an executive action like Demonetization. Those who've worked hard and earned wealth legally and invested it in the stock market, may still lose it, if and when the markets go through a bearish phase. Those who've invested in real estate like house or land may lose it due to natural calamities like flood, earthquake or drought. Buildings constructed violating construction norms, flouting procedures, may just be charred in a fire. Long story short, earned / accumulated wealth is impermanent.

But those who need either financial assistance or other forms of help will always be there. When they come to us seeking help, even if our present situation isn't as great as it used to be, we should offer some help, as much as we can. Those who are kind enough to give to others who are in need like that, without citing their current status as an excuse, a seat in heaven will be allotted on priority like Tatkal reservation, i.e, the doors of heaven will remain open specially for them.

P.S.1 Being a spiritual seeker, Swamy doesn't believe in separate external worlds such as heaven and hell. But, since most humans, follow their religious beliefs sincerely, Swamy used the Tatkal booking model in a light-hearted way, merely to highlight the magnificence of benevolence (helping the needy).

P.S.2 By offering whatever financial assistance you can to Meenakshi Vidhyapeeth Trust, which is assuring continuity of education for 50+ brilliant but economically challenged students in Madurai, for a decade now, you can enjoy a heavenly joyful life in this world itself.

~Swamy | @PrakashSwamy

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