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11 Feb 2013

Truly, Madly, Deeply!

As any week (or day or moment for that matter), last one too was full of fascinating events. And as always, I went over the week that was (that itself sounds like a nice blog title ;-)) yesterday and tried beading together seemingly unrelated events (here’s an example) to craft this Monday morning post. I also looked ahead a bit – especially at the week that is and will be, i.e., this week – too, naturally!

Completion (conclusion is still 4 weeks away) of 2 weeks of Shivanga sadhana (Isha version of ‘willpower challenge’, similar to Sabarimala yatra, but twice as long and done the old fashioned way); Surprising availability and booking of train tickets for completing the sadhana on MahaShivarathri; Carpool partner’s ever present kindness to always drive me at least one more day than I do; Forgetting the lunch packed by my better half; Interviewing an interesting personality over the weekend (come to think of it – me, working, technically speaking of course, during weekend); Taking the MBTI assessment after several years (& discovering it’s available online in many forms & names) and getting it interpreted by a soul who’s comfortable switching between professional & spiritual interpretation; Expanding the same to a few crew captains and my dear Mentos (how else can we call ‘cool’ Mentees!); 
Being on the ‘Hot seat’ for the second time within a month and responding to fascinating questions (will be out as a SwamyView – or should it be Swamystery! - post soon) from many colleagues; Starting the REVvers group to ensure connectivity among REV (a LifeSkills learning experience) participants; Being part of a ‘blue sky’ thinking session (and 'sharpening the saw' of strategic thinking); Feeding strays in front of the office (amidst a multitude of humans inhaling & exhaling cancerous smoke and gobbling up all kinds of foodstuff – mostly unhealthy, needless to say - without bothering to share even a small piece of that with the 4-legged beings that waited patiently for a morsel); Participating in an event celebrating decade-long service (an oxymoron in these job-hop times) and meeting the close-knit family members of a colleague & friend; Chatting with a few crew members from my previous project after a while (always refreshing); Offering to collaborate with a colleague (and not losing sleep over it being not accepted, yet); 
Joining a group of enthusiasts trying to craft a movie script online; Listening to a true blue SoMe personality about ‘environment preservation’; Declining an offer to conduct a ‘strategy’ workshop and pointing the requester instead to better qualified beings than self; Marveling at a 'Think Opposite' view of cup is half-full (which is actually a cup is full-full)… ah, well, the list will go on and on, despite it being just another week in the past!

The ‘Aha’ moment came, while looking ahead to this week! Millions of young (at heart) humans will celebrate the ‘day of Love’ (aka Valentine’s day) this week. Though I’m not a fan of celebrating days or wishing anyone on any day (read this post to know why), Feb-14 is certainly special – even for Swamy, for it has more to do with heart than head. And being a lover (of all kinds of things) and having been drenched inunconditional love from many beings in this Life, I concluded ‘Love’ is the thread for ‘beading together’ all those seemingly unrelated events.

So here’s goes Swamy’s ode’ to Love (oh btw, that's a whole new post - follow Visual/Aural links below), that is naturally dedicated to my valentine, who made me fall head-over-heels in Love, more than two decades ago. She, of course, is the better-half of this whole now!

Immerse yourself in the boundless ocean of Love (click one of the links below!)

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Love + Gratitude = @PrakashSwamy

Be Joyful & Spread the Cheer :-)

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  1. Wonderful post, Prakash...I enjoyed it, as always :)

    Love + Gratitude = Vinay too!! :)

  2. Vinay - Thanks. This post is only a prelude to the actual 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' post. Hope you read that as well (try the Visual / Aural links at the end of this post :)

  3. Even the orelude to the post is too good Swobb :)

    And the host of things u did over a weeke is mind boggling :)


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