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1 Jan 2013

Two Zero One Three!

Most people who know Swamy also know that he doesn't 'wish' anyone on any day! Before you assume he must be an arrogant fool, be assured that he does 'will' them instead. Reading his post 'Wish you Will' will help clear any cobwebs of doubt that still linger in your mind.

But what's a blogger who misses a wonderful opportunity such as the dawn of a new year? So here goes Swamy's message to all enthusiasts for 2013, right when it begins!

Life is binary for all those who don't know 'Life the way it is' (that's pretty much all of us)!

Shiva & Shakthi; Yin & Yang; Purusha & Prakrithi; Guru & Sishya; Male & Female; Day & Night; Sun & Moon; Fire & Water; Heaven & Earth; On & Off; Best & Rest; Government & Inaction; Writers & Readers; Facebook & Like; Sports Federations & Old Politicians; Bat & Ball...

It's better to stop the duality examples right here, before they become laughing stock like IOA or ICT.

In a nutshell, it takes Two to Tango. Whether it is Dance or Life. Your performance will always be better with a capable partner. Find such partners. Collaborate willingly. Share openly. Succeed together. You + Partner = Two!

Zero is the beginning. An endless beginning. Zero can either be perceived as no value or as most valuable, when combined with other numbers. Zero also means emptiness. The universe is full of emptiness (no it isn’t empty, silly), yet it holds a multitude of planets and at least one – ours, naturally – with Life, as we know it.

An empty vessel can be filled with anything, and whatever is filled in takes the shape of that vessel. Be an empty vessel and be keen to fill yourself with knowledge. Not just of one variety or type. Unlearn the old ways by emptying yourself. Learn or Relearn new ways to grow and shine. Be a Zero!

One is unique. One is also singular. One follows Zero, the beginning. One can also add value to Zero. Go after unique, singular goals, One at a time. Focus on only One thing – Outcome. Ensure that the outcome is impactful.

Go all out for that unique, singular goal with unwavering focus on outcome, beginning today. Don’t worry even if there’s only a Fifty-50 chance for success. Never fear ‘No, we can’t’ for impossible is nothing. To make anything happen, believe that you’re the One!

If two is a crowd, what could Three be? A throbbing, maddening, wildly enthusiastic swarm. That’s how your crew should be. Each member of the crew should busy with a specific task to perform or program to implement or initiative to drive, in a borderless space that enables them to seamlessly connect and collaborate. And learn – both by self and from others. Crew members are the plants in the garden and you, their leader, are naturally the Gardener.

Three is also exemplified by the holy Trinity. Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma (let’s not get into the pointless argument of the order in which they should be represented).
Shiva ensures Transformation (not destruction, as misunderstood by most). Change is transformation. Change is critical for revival and renewal. And change is the only constant. Be the change agent, like Shiva.
Vishnu assures Sustenance (not protection, again as misunderstood by all). Sustenance is important for growth. Assure business sustenance, like Vishnu.
Brahma enables Creation (no misunderstanding there, thank God). Create new ideas, solutions and methods and deliver results consistently like Brahma.
That’s how the Leader – You – that any crew looks up to should be. An Ikeator who is a powerful combination of the Three!

Before you know, present will be past in the future. Personal Life on the slow lane may be enjoyable, but professional Life is always on the fast lane, whether you like it or not. So start today without waiting for a shubamuhurtham or hoping for a grihapeyarchi, and rev your engine right away.

Let 2013 be the defining year of your personal transformation. One in which you won’t shift just goals, but even the goalposts. One that’ll bring a smile on the face of everyone around you. One that’ll be the source of boundless happiness in your family. One in which not a single day will be useless. One that only you can make that happen. And the only skill pill that you’ll ever need to make that happen is Two Zero One Three!

Willing all enthusiasts a joyful Life, in 2013 and beyond :-)
Love + Gratitude = @PrakashSwamy

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  1. Simply wonderful interpretation of the TWO ZERO ONE THREE ! Thanks for sharing these insightful thoughts with us ...
    Willing you and your dear ones too a wonderful and fulfilling Year ahead !

  2. Thanks Prakash. As I step into LA, I start at Level Zero - the beginning. I am sure the Learning journey is going to be interesting and eventful.

    Wishing the LA team a great year ahead !!



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