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12 Dec 2012


12-12-12 is a wonderful once in a lifetime day for all beings in this Life. It is also the last repeating date in this century. But despite its monumental significance, most of the earthlings would’ve gone through this day just like any other day in their Life.

All Super Star fans the world over would’ve at least remembered this day because it happens to be his 62nd birthday, a day probably shared by some of your near and dear as well. 

And millions of music lovers all over the world would've also mourned the departure of a soul, whose name was synonymous with Sitar, the instrument he played. Pandit Ravi Shankar's music has stirred their souls (which naturally includes Swamy's) with his mellifluous music, that transcended artificial global borders and went on to prove Music indeed is the only language that can transcend borders, races and all other pointless things that prevent universal harmony and peace. He may've left his mortal physical form, but his music will remain immortal, inspiring many a soul, now and forever after!

A minuscule percent of the planet’s population would’ve done something memorable on this day, which none of would be around to see again in this lifetime. Swamy, naturally, chose to be part of that minuscule population, which decided to do something memorable and everlasting, in the lifetime and beyond. We may not live until the next 12-12-12, at least in this form. But we certainly can be Joyful, cherish Life, nourish Love and spread the Cheer today! And here are Swamy’s 12 ideas that can turn this memorable day be the best start for making the rest of this Life better!

12 Things To Do on or from 12-12-12

1-11 Here’s the list from 1-11. You don't have to go by the given order. Do as you'll play. Or paint. Or Dance!

12 Get started on Social Media (Ostrich is the closest example, if you steadfastly refuse to). Here’s the “Social Media for Dummies” kind of starter kit, if you haven’t started already.

12 Ways To Do those 12 things

Now that you’ve accepted the challenge (what choice is there other than Hobson’s), here are 12 Ways to do those 12 things (there’s a bonus too)!

12 Months To Go to get the 12 things done

Get started today. Here’s a compelling reason for getting started today itself.

12 months is a pretty long time. A lot can happen during that time, like the marvel of a single sperm finding an egg and springing to Life in the form of a newborn child into this world! Or a tiny seed liberating a plant full of blossoming flowers or a massive tree bearing fruits or offering shade! The wise may easily explain the ‘what and how’ of this Life transformation. But try explaining the ‘why only this way’ or ‘why not any other way!’

During every single day of those 12 months, ask yourself these questions and seek answers, within. And if you still don’t believe you can pull this off, take a look at this list of 12 things Swamy changed, did differently or anew, on 12-12-12!

12 Souls To Share

Find 12 souls to share the 12 things you’ve dreamt, learnt, started, influenced, applied and changed. If you can’t find even 12 souls to share what you’ve learnt from this post, it’s time to learn ‘How to win friends and influence people’! And once you complete learning, don’t wait to translate that into action till 11-12-13!

Be Joyful, cherish Life, nourish Love and spread the Cheer today and every single remaining day of your Life! For that, you really don’t need a once in a lifetime day such as 12-12-12!


  1. //And once you complete learning, don’t wait to translate that into action till 11-12-13!// THat was a nice finishing touch..

    Nice read Prakash :)

  2. @Dani - Thanks. There'll obviously be a Swamy(b)log on or around 11/12/13 ;-)


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